A regenerative circular alternative for wool.

WOOCOA’s journey begins by winning the 2018 Biodesign Stella McCartney’s and PETA’s special Animal-Free Wool challenge. The price provided WOOCOA a visit to Stella McCartney’s HQ in London, UK. Since then, the startup has focused on creating a biobased regenerative Animal-Free wool using waste from medicinal Cannabis plantations in the north-western region of Colombia in collaboration with Cannalivio, one of the leading companies

in this field.

WOOCOA is a biofabricated wool that is a hygroscopic, thermal, and antimicrobial fiber obtained from medicinal marijuana waste. The fiber is durable, easy-to-dye, environmentally friendly also flexible, elastic, and wicks away humidity. Its produced under a circular and regenerative process. Other bio-products are biobricks and biopackaging.

Start-up Team

Giovanna Daníes, Moisés Hernández, Carolina Obregón, Manuel Ortiz