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Manifiesto 4

A Call For Circular Fashion

Every year 360,000 Colombian police uniforms are discarded at the end of their life cycle. The uniforms end up in landfills since no system is in place for their proper disposition. Under this premise, I created a pilot titled Manifiesto #4 with the ONG El Transformador. Manifiesto #4 invited 18 Colombian designers who created sustainable, upcycled, and zero waste fashion pieces.

“Manifesto 4 - A Call for Circular Fashion” focused on upcycling under systemic thinking and the Circular Economy. Each designer had a restorative, regenerative, and disruptive vision exhibited at Universidad de los Andes for the first time in May 2019. 


Designing within a circular fashion mindset brought many new opportunities for the industry and opened a conversation with government leaders, civil society, and industry experts. From this prototype, I designed a circular fashion toolbox which for fashion brands to achieve circularity.


Atelier Acevedo - Alado - Beatriz Camacho - Cristina Cruz Navia - Jorge Duque - Diego Guarnizo - Judy Hazbún - KUPA - Laura Lorens - Josefína Muñoz - Johanna Ortíz - María Luisa Ortíz - Paloma y Angostura - Pajara Pinta - Nicolás Paez - Olga Piedrahita - Santiago Romero - Julián Ruiz - Juan David Sanchez- Wonder for People - Hernán Zajar

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